Soie dental clinic is well established as a dentist in Griffintown and Brossard, our dental clinic is committed to a job well done. A new clinic is now open in Brossard on the south shore of Montreal. Thus, we offer a dentist in Griffintown and Brossard to our patients a wide range of dental care, ranging from prevention to cosmetic dentistry. Completely renovated in 2019, our dental clinic benefits from cutting-edge tools and instruments. The ideal equipment to follow a complete dental examination.

Our commitments to guarantee your satisfaction:

  • Offer precise, painless and impeccable professional service at each visit, regardless of the urgency of the intervention.
  • Welcoming you with kindness, warmth and courtesy. Offer you a comfortable treatment room at the cutting edge of oral technology. Make sure you are comfortable throughout your treatment with our professionals.
  • Take time for you in our dentists’ schedules.
  • Offer you a welcoming place of impeccable cleanliness. P
  • Take the time to listen to you and understand your needs, because for us, each intervention is a particular case.
  • Offer to schedule your appointments in advance, so you can book your next treatments with your preferred care providers at times that suit you.
  • To provide you with a positive experience each time you visit.
  • Your mouth is the mirror of your health.

Your oral health is the passion of our dedicated team. We believe that a healthy mouth is a good start to eating well and thus nourishing our body. As a dentist at Soie dental clinic in Griffintown and Brossard, we are certain that a healthy mouth contributes not only to self-esteem, but also to the prevention of several chronic diseases. Our team is made up of caring professionals who will guide you to improve or maintain the health of your mouth. We work with state-of-the-art instruments. In addition to offering basic health care such as complete dental examination, specific or emergency examination, scaling and dental hygiene advice, we offer a complete range of dental care ranging from restoration , regeneration, prevention and aesthetics. Find the world of dental floss on Instagram .



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